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Emotional house music
Best known for: 
Right now? Eating a lot of Nutella! That's all I do.
Tune of the year: 
Dirty South 'City Of Dreams', because it means a lot to me.
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2012: 
Michael Brun
If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be: 
Superman has got the best power because he flies. I wouldn't have to catch any flights.
Should you play to the crowd or for yourself: 
I think it's a mixture of playing new stuff, your stuff and stuff people know. You need to be able to mix it up.
What does EDM mean to you: 
They're just trying to wrap a lot of electronic music up and put it under one umbrella so people can understand what it is. It's not a bad thing.
Should celebrities be DJs: 
If they're good DJs and they know what they're doing, sure.
Have you ever been thrown off the decks: 
I wouldn't say thrown off; I was asked to finish earlier because it was a VIP club and they'd brought in a celebrity!
Are you a DJ if you don't beat match: 
Beat matching is not as important now, but still, it's the basis of things. You need to understand beats so it all makes sense.
Where's the next dance music capital: 
The internet, because it's everywhere. It really doesn't matter where you are.