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Form Submission: Questions Top100 DJs 2012

Stereotypically 'dubstep' though I've never claimed to be a dubstep producer.
Best known for: 
Being a workaholic, making bangers, making EDM purists butt-hurt, having too much energy.
Tune of the year: 
Kill Frenzy 'Booty Clap' (Dirty Bird).
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2012: 
If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be: 
Superman. Doesn't have too much of a haunted past, gets to fly and is pretty much impossible to kill.
Should you play to the crowd or for yourself: 
I don't play songs I don't like in any situation.
What does EDM mean to you: 
An easy way to classify music that's made "electronically" that you can dance to.
Should celebrities be DJs: 
It's more a question of whether promoters should pay a celebrity with no DJing experience and no following more than a DJ who has been grinding it for longer JUST because they are a celeb.
Have you ever been thrown off the decks: 
Not yet
Are you a DJ if you don't beat match: 
Although I've been accused of it, I've never "played" pre-recorded sets and wouldn't consider that DJing. Aside from collecting vinyl which takes time and lots of space, all the tools to become a DJ are accessible to everybody so it's pretty fair game. If you're using Traktor or Ableton and your mixing and transitions are on-point, then you're DJing by today's technological standards.
Where's the next dance music capital: 
Puerto Rico. There's already a strong scene there and unlike the UK and most places in Europe, it's easy to get to from the States. No immigration hang-ups either!