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Progressive trance
Best known for: 
DJ Feel feat Aelyn 'Your Love'
Tune of the year: 
Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes 'Here We Go (Original Mix)'
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2012: 
If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be: 
Flying, so I can visit other worlds and planets, and meet creatures from outer space.
Should you play to the crowd or for yourself: 
Both, so everyone's happy.
What does EDM mean to you: 
EDM is my life, except for my wife and son, of course.
Should celebrities be DJs: 
It is better for the DJs to be the celebrities.
Have you ever been thrown off the decks: 
My computer crashed twice in 10 minutes once during a set, and I was politely asked to go off stage.
Are you a DJ if you don't beat match: 
The most important is to be a DJ inside.
Where's the next dance music capital: 
Moscow, though it might take some time.