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I play house, a good tune is a good tune. Screw genres. It's all house
Best known for: 
All the wrong things recently, but elevator going up!
Tune of the year: 
Temper Trap 'Sweet Disposition (Axwell Remix)'
Gig of 2010: 
Cafe Ole at Space and Venus in Manchester
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2010: 
Marc Vedo as breakthrough DJ, Nocturne The Blonde as producers, they will be huge!
Best new club visited this year: 
Venus in Manchester
Favourite non-dance album of 2010: 
'Happiness' by Hurts
Essential three suitcase tour items: 
My hat, a smart jacket and clean underwear!
Which actor would play you in a film of your life: 
Tilda Swinton
Best thing about being a DJ: 
Dropping a new tune and hearing a roar, and cute boys!
Best end-of-the-night tune: 
Prok & Fitch feat Max C 'The Heat (John Dalhbäck Remix)'