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Aly & Fila
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Questions Top100 DJs 2010 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:07

Melodic banging trance
Best known for: 
Our Future Sound Of Egypt label and radio show
Tune of the year: 
Our remix of Max Graham's 'Nothing Else Matters'
Gig of 2010: 
The gig with Submerged at the Blue Frog in Mumbia, India - unbelievable club, crowd and vibe
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2010: 
Arty from Russia. He's brilliant
Best new club visited this year: 
Zouk in Singapore - amazing
Favourite non-dance album of 2010: 
Eminem 'Recovery' is a brilliant album
Essential three suitcase tour items: 
MacBook, BlackBerry, and I can't travel without my passport!
Which actor would play you in a film of your life: 
I love Russell Crowe's acting
Best thing about being a DJ: 
Meeting so many great people worldwide
Best end-of-the-night tune: 
We've been playing one track from our album, 'Breeze' featuring Jass, as our last tune a lot
Fila credits Paul van Dyk mix comps and a PvD DJ set in Germany - when he was on holiday, aged 18 - as switching him onto dance music in 1999. Coming back to Egypt, he started DJing and producing with childhood friend Aly and they've steadily risen to become Egypt's premier dance act, and this has been the best year the duo have ever had. "We did many more gigs and tours than ever before, especially after releasing our debut album 'Rising Sun'," says Fila on the phone from Egypt. The guys did a launch for their album at Pacha in the Sinai resort of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt this year, followed by another launch party in Holland the following night. Both went off, and Fila says he's happy at the rate the dance scene is growing in Egypt. "It's growing fast. We have a population of over 80 million, so there is a lot of youth who want to go out and enjoy themselves at clubs," he says. Every three months, they do their Future Sound Of Egypt nights on home soil. "It's our country, so we have to build something here," reckons Fila. "The main clubbing destination is Sharm, and with a new Space opening soon, it might even be the new Ibiza, who knows?" A 'Future Sound Of Egypt' comp is landing before the end of the year, and next year the guys will release a remix album and host three nights to celebrate 200 editions of their weekly radio show.