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Carl Cox
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Questions Top100 DJs 2010 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:07

Funky techno, the harder edge of house/tech-house - with a Carl Cox edge
Best known for: 
Techno. Even if I'm playing rave or trance, it'll have a techno element
Tune of the year: 
Joe Brunning 'Let It Roll (Trevor Rockcliffe Remix)'
Gig of 2010: 
Quite a few - Kazantip Festival, Ukraine; Space, Ibiza; Discoteca @ Riva, Split, Croatia
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2010: 
Tim Green - he played for us at Space in Ibiza and was great
Best new club visited this year: 
Nic Fanciulli's Saved night in Maidstone - it's the biggest small club in the world!
Favourite non-dance album of 2010: 
Plan B's album
Essential three suitcase tour items: 
The iPad (it lets you play chess, read a book or make music), a good set of headphones and a spare pair of pants because you never know!
Which actor would play you in a film of your life: 
Samuel L. Jackson - he already has a cheeky smile and a gap in his teeth, so he's halfway there
Best thing about being a DJ: 
You are able to connect with people and that's important
Best end-of-the-night tune: 
"Gregor Tresher 'Awakening Life Inside'
"2010 has gone by really quickly," says Carl Cox, "but that always happens when you're enjoying yourself so much." The irrepressible 'DJ of the people' has every reason to be cheerful. Space at Ibiza recorded record numbers for his residency, and big events he appeared at, like Global Gathering and SW4, were also well attended, while another project Cox was involved with "gained momentum" - more about that later. However, one of the main reasons why Cox was so pleased about the past year was it saw the re-launch of his long dormant techno label, Intec. Those with long memories will remember the label as the flag-bearer for the 'party' techno sound until it took a break a few years ago. Re-branded Intec Digital to reflect its new environment, it is now home to producers like Marco Bailey and Jon Rundell. Carl feels re-launching Intec was a crucial move. "It's great to have an outlet again for tracks that I really believe in and to showcase the kind of music I play," he explains. "But it's also important for me to build up a roster of talented artists, and I'm pleased with how it is going so far." Cox is also gearing up for the release of his long-awaited debut album, which is due for release in 2011. Containing drum & bass, downtempo and house and techno influences "in a Carl Cox style", he is in the process of finalising remixes for the first single. He is also piecing together the final elements of his live show, which he will debut at festivals in Australia and New Zealand in December and on New Year's Eve. "It's going to be a full live act and a great way to introduce the album. People are going to freak out!"