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James Zabiela
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Questions Top100 DJs 2010 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:07

Techno, breakbeats and various other genres in-between
Best known for: 
Having fun with lots of gizmos in the DJ booth
Tune of the year: 
Claude Von Stroke 'Aundy (DJ Marky & S.P.Y. Remix)'
Gig of 2010: 
Lebanon in August for my birthday. Amazing
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2010: 
Best new club visited this year: 
Beehive in Brazil
Favourite non-dance album of 2010: 
Ólafur Arnalds '...and They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness'
Essential three suitcase tour items: 
SD card (now my record box), iPad (which doubles up as a midi controller), laptop (of course)
Which actor would play you in a film of your life: 
I'd like to say Owen Wilson but more likely it'd be Chesney Hawkes
Best thing about being a DJ: 
Performing and sharing a love of music
Best end-of-the-night tune: 
Phonique feat Ian Whitelaw 'Our Time Our Chance'
It's been another good year in Space for James Zabiela, as the Southampton boy notched up his eighth season at the iconic Ibiza venue. "I've learned the hard way, but I really know how to work that room now," he enthuses. But it's space of a different kind that provided James with his own personal highlight of 2010, his third Essential Mix which was based upon sci-fi flick 'Moon'. "I completely ripped the film apart for samples," he explains. "I was really proud of it and the best thing was that the guys who made the film were tweeting about it whilst it was on-air - which for a sci-fi geek like me was just fantastic." On a more earthly level, the perennial globetrotter singles out gigs in Peru, Argentina and his birthday party with Sasha in Lebanon for special praise. He also released his second 'Life' mix compilation and has a new label in the pipeline, although his own debut album seems no closer to materialising. "I'm going to try and cut down on gigs to spend longer in the studio," he says. "The trouble is that I love DJing so much that I never want to turn things down." Space he might have mastered, but James Zabiela has yet to bend time to his will.